Saturday, 13 August 2011

belt dilemmas in paradise...

 worried that it ran too close to my rotor...
thats OK says Dan @BDL, and I have discovered that my new rotor is one of these heavy duty alternatives and +7MM thicker than standard!

 and why is the pulley 1 3/4" wide (its a 1 1/2 belt)
thats standard says Dan @BDL for this kit (for a closed drive)
- at the hayride, I couldn't find anything similar
 one outer mounting hole moulding ground off as it was fucking close
anyway its going to be buttoned up
BDL say to use red loctite on the splines/shafts and nuts
(see their crappy dvd) 
there's now no room for the tab lock washer on the clutch
Any advice on this anyone?
-not get on with it fucker- haha


grant said...

will watch this little scenario unfold with interest. I have toyed with the idea of a belt drive myself. And the same things that have you scratching your head have me doing the same. The big factor I have been told (and read) for an enclosed primary is maybe.....

arcadian said...

its not enclosed grant, thats the kit bought before deciding to leave all that heavy starter shit off. just going to button it up with a dab of loctite (clutch) and mark the nuts with paint to check any movement. (had my clutch basket fall off once before!)