Sunday, 3 July 2016

les boujis

The obsolete Champion N 14 LY has changed everything for me
I can only think that its because it is 5mm longer and is a hotter plug

Results so far:
Ignition  advanced ( have to retard mag to start, usually can get away with kicking on full advance)

No coughs  on closed or small throttle from Super E carb
(which is usually a pain and only partially solved by going up sizes on intermediate jet)

Very reduced Pop and bang on closed throttle overrun from exhaust

So it seems I get a better burn on the fuel chamber

The only issue I guess with hotter plugs is the engine could overheat

It starts hot one kick
Trying today after 50 miler and  starting at a gas station after fill up 
But so far its like having the old points/coil ignition back on for starting - but a rocket when running - big difference

 they call this Glamping
a cross between camping and glam
 big boy at Eastern Park fFarm here in suffolk
 where the Maverick Festival is held
 Blue Grass - Americana and Beer

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