Sunday, 26 June 2016

old dog - new tricks?...

On test in Boyton Forest Suffolk 
 Most days we go out in the afternoon last week plugs gapped at 18 thou did make a difference.
But not for long.
 Change the points to a Fairbanks Morse set, as starting cold warm hot a pain - and it works
 meet clive head honcho @ So-Low Choppers and good friend for brunch on Sunday
 and his son Jay
 and Martin who all watched me start the Bitch and took twelve kicks warm after fifty miles
which is half what it used to take warm after 50m here.
Later in the week she would not start cold. 
On test in Laxfield Suffolk with fresh plugs out of the same packet!
 and she starts every time one/two kicks hot 
on test  Tunstall forest yesterday (Saturday) 30 miles
 starts ok on 2 starts hot - a few kicks and fires on 3rd time  and then won't at all 
 so we take a few pics in between trials
 Fresh New plugs and one Kick
Down at the Harbour in Orford my village


Bastard said...

I've had the best results with NGK V-Power non resister racing plugs.
They always fire. Make sure you use non resister..Enjoy summer.
Ours is next to miserable......

Blind Melon, LBMC

Bastard said...

I hope you received my email with NGK spark plug info.
I sent it yesterday to ya, Trevor. Not a cure all but
they did help.