Sunday, 5 June 2016

What a difference a week makes….

 Had the CV apart again and fixed the overflow on the bench 
 We won Best Custom at Lowestoft on Sunday
Mainly because she would not start and we stayed for the judging -and because my mate Clive on his beautiful Chop, arrived late!
 The bridge at lowestoft and one of those Trike Things
Our Best 'Custum' Prize
 lovely bike - a 'Levis' (pronounced 'leh-vis') at orford bike night
 Removed the mufflers as had to rejet the super E again. I realised the reason I had put them on - to get more back pressure and help tune the carb was totally wrong. They are just a pipe wrapped in fibre - a muffler. The other is a baffle made by Kromeworks for drags  that I had on originally.
 So put the baffles in and went for a spin. 
 What a difference. Deep sound and real smooth. 
 Went down two jet sizes and hardly any coughing - runs great.
Mark at SoLow Choppers marvelling at the Mag powered bike that starts!

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