Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Thank you California

 My friend Larry in California suggested I try these Plugs
NGK 7627 Non resister Copper Core BP5EY
They did the trick all though I had a moment after 50 miles where I had to change them. So re-gapped at 18 thou and have been great since. Still a Bitch to start warm though after a 50 miles.
The current recipe is two pumps iggy off - 3 wide open throttle kick throughs and kick the bitch. 
Does not like the neat petrol it seems but wants it too! 
The NGK and Champion cause my Digital speedo to go haywire!
but the Autolite doesn't. Guess which ones are true non resister plugs.

The Champions were great too but as you can see are longer and cause a ignition advance
I guess they burn the mixture earlier in the chamber.
But less cough from carb and bang and pop on overrun
They had a moment too after the previous sundays 50 mile run and had to change them out.
Since then Ive run The NGKs
 A friend passed last year and found this in her garden
 cleaned it up
 and now on Christine
 On test around Suffolk -Butley
 Snape Church
The Unruly Pig - Bromeswell 
Station hotel Framlingham
Wickham market 
They used to make the best crab sandwiches -The Mill Inn, Aldebrough 
Chop City 
Solow Choppers
The Lowdown - Suffolks Chop and Rod event

1 comment:

Bastard said...

"A properly tuned motorcycle will start in 1 or 2 kicks"...That's what
my road captain said....After 15 minutes of kicking the beast started.
Next church I was brought up for 5 swats for delaying an officer on
our run....

That never happened again..Even though, I went mad sorting that
GD shovel.........And now, in my old age I miss it...

All the best to you and your adventure.. May the wind always be at your back and Christine reward you with 1st kick starts....