Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sometimes deciding to do it yourself can be an ordeal...

something for the weekend in the post 
practice helical first on a fucked gearbox cover 
and no problemo
yes I know 
but it worked 
tap in square too 
I had 3 goes at winding in the helical as the depth is only about 8mm, not much thread. I wanted to get the thread starting almost flush with the surface. 
The first was half way down the thread before I realised. The second was about over half a thread but I wanted perfection. Should have left well alone, nearly fucked it up again!
The thread inside has to be flush inside so tin snips got rid of most of the helicoil but needs a small grinding dremel type tool, now on order!

Bitch Parking Only
Got out on Wedneday, one kick!

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