Friday, 26 February 2016

a little progress at snails pace...

 My little dremel ripoff arrived and tackled the remaining stainless helicoil that could not be reached with snips. the thread insert is only about 4 threads deep so I was paranoid at pulling it out and kept the neutral switch screwed in till the final cleanup
Ok onward with assembly of shifter drum mechanism 
The manual just tells you to fit the shifter pawls and plate. Well good luck. 
In the end I put a tie around them and tightened it till they were compressed and bingo. 
The pawls are underneath the plate at the bottom in two shafts on springs and impossible to compress and fit at the same time unless you can get the screw undone at the bottom and fit without springs.

Last outing I think 
She needs the forks hard chromed as seals always leaking
Plus a rebore involving new barrels as on limit. All because to much crankcase pressure causing constant leak on crankcase oil seal.
And maybe a leaking gearbox which again I replaced the seal last year plus used one of those supernut.

 Situation Normal All Fucked U


TC said...

The pawl plate thing was missing from my box- turns out they aren't the easiest of things to get hold of in Europe! Waiting to get bummed by the man (again!) with import duties

arcadian said...

yes that is a bummer, they seem pretty hot now
you can get most parts from storehouse local dealer here Tom some times its more straight forward and quicker!

Bastard said...

We mailed your LBMC last Monday..Hopefully it will arrive in 2 weeks.