Friday, 5 February 2016

Just when you thought it was safe to surf...

after a couple of hiccups i.e. me deciding that as I had put the shift clutch in facing the wrong way and had to remove the mainshaft I would also replace the mainshaft seal a I'd not fitted the cork 'O' ring that goes behind it. (don't think it has to be fitted these days with the new seals anyway!)
So I fucked that up the second time and tore the lip, - got another and put in in upside down !
- and grown men cry.

So The Box is all shimmed up, new bushes, new bearings and races. 
On to the home run, put the lid mechanism together, all going well until
we get to the neutral switch and strip the thread! 
Not as usual tightening up but undoing to check fit!
So now a 9/16 UNF Helical kit is on order

Situation Normal All Fucked Up

Still lets Look on the Positive side - HaHa 
Could have been on the bike when I decided to to replace the fucked switch which needed replacing anyway - I just did not have one on assembly and that would have meant a few tears.

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