Friday, 6 April 2012

On the trail of the lonesome pine...

We stopped at a cafe last friday and she would not start again.
This bloke (Allan) who owned a shove pan offered me his plugs to try.
Bang, she fired and third kick started.
Got to get me some of these NGK Iridium Plugs!
'easier starting, better gas mileage'

Well, they arrived, I put them in and...
she still dont want to start, when-I-want -her-to.
Guess it must be me.

Kick it throttle open,
Kick it throttle closed
Kick it with the throttle just cracked
Kick it with the choke on
Kick it with half choke
Kick with three prime kicks cold
kick it with two
or one...

1 comment:

Quaffmeister said...

Read somewhere that modern plugs are not glazed around the bottom of the insulator any more. New cars have fuel injection and mega voltage ignition systems, they always start and never flood. On the old pieces of shit that we run where the fuelling ain't spot on and the ignition is weak by comparison, if the motor does flood the plug is well on it's way to Fucked City!
Just a thought Trev, Happy Easter