Sunday, 8 April 2012

happy easter you bitch...

 A little present for you Christine
and that stupid dinosaur of a carb that manages to only do 30 mpg  and also has to be adjusted to run on every journey.
You've got me though, every little adjustment, every little tweak.
Three hundred and ninety four miles
how the fuck have we managed to do that ?
Christine's timing mark @ 35˚ (K) 
(line and arrow pointer) 
Well we found it a bit advanced as when I last strobed it I had not grounded the voes wire so it was not accurate. Even so when she doesn't start, she can kick back - just as I have tapped the kicker in position and I'm bouncing down on the pedal with both feet off the ground!
It can hurt.
This didn't happen when points were fitted. So it seems that electronic ignition can be much more accurate, just a hair out and you'll feel it. 
S&S recommend setting full advance at 32˚ btdc with electronic ignition
(when the advance mark is just leaving the timing window on the left)
Thats the first mark on the pulley, so I'm going to try that.

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