Sunday, 23 October 2011

whats happening brother...

when will it end...
So my friend buy one of these (or a dyna) and run a kicker, you will have to buy the programme kit  as well. It is preset at the factory for 3 dead revs before firing, to help the electric starter fire your engine without kick back.
 ...So thats why you are fucking your knee Malcom!
Also my friend the kit advertised is not the one you want to purchase.
 Dynatek USA kindly sent me these details
"Thank you for your interest in Dynatek ignitions. Yes, we do private label to
Ultima. These have an Ultima label on the module and as I recall have a custom
curve package as well. You should contact them for the details on this. For
re-programming the DIPK-7 and PH-1 should work just fine. If we can be of any
further assistance, please feel free to contact us anytime."

 Well thanks, any reason why you can't just put a fucking switch on the front panel? 
(by the way I couldn't find an ultima kit so it had to be dyna in UK!)
 Shock Horror! the drill has been returned
but not before some more essential holes in those shitty controls! 
Back in the day this poster hung on my garage wall
If I had taken the time to hook it out, all essential info that I wanted was there
'Leak Proof' Seals
Don't go through my shitty saga with seals - fit these - they fit easy and work!
My right fork leg leaked through the bottom allen bolt hole.
Rowan gave me this tip:–
'heat up the copper washer (anneals it) works every time' - and it did too!

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