Tuesday, 4 October 2011

moon equipment

 a cheap but charming filter
another learning curve
the carb uses 3/8 bolts and the inner diameter is larger (1&7/8")than the standard shovel (1&5/8") manifold so it seems I will need an S&S manifold too - Grrrrrr 


Anonymous said...

make an intermediate plate, ya dont need to buy owt.

arcadian said...

thanks but I don't want my leg sticking out any further. I could alter my original manifold. No more anon postings in future on this blog, I like to know who I'm talking too - cheers

Roger Chambers said...

It's like the Neverending Story mate, all the little details that keep poking their heads up......mine's been on the road for just over a year now and I'm still fiddling with some details! Won't be long now for the road from the looks of things.

Guy@GK said...

Those Moon covers are bitchin'... er, I mean, marvellous.