Saturday, 8 October 2011

why do fools fall in love...

Or the never ending story...
Had to have a little break from the bitch,
 she's had one problem too many

Contestants, your starter for ten...
Is it the fuel? Found some grey granules in the old carb and loose sealant around petrol tank filler. 
So I ask the question, what was the brand used? (POR15), was the tank sealed correctly? (NO, a primer not used) is it ethanol resistant? (YES, thank fuck)
So drained the tank through a paper filter and no sign of any more
loose crap (-for now!), going to fit an inline filter. 
Was it the carb? Decided to junk it, (see previous post) and got the Super E. And a correct manifold sourced on the bay.
 Why is the crankcase breather dumping oil?  She first did it when I started her up and now bleeds out as she stands. Is it oil not circulating as yet due to low pressure because I kicked it through a gazillion time trying to get the oil to the tank before start up? The oil check ball not seating? - took out the check ball in the pump and cleaned the seat (she didn't suffer from this problem in an other life).

And finally I have to replace the new fork seals as one leaks and also dribbles out of bottom fork tube bolt. Going to use a heavier 20wt fork oil and more of it  (how much?) as they are eight over stock.
Guess what? The speedo cable is not what I ordered and may have fucked one fork seal putting it on. Some of the stainless is for mounting the Super E and Filter (Good prices but beware the hex bolt heads are not polished).

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