Monday, 2 May 2011

shovel downunder...

 Rogers shovel, NSW Australia
 he's been running a BDL unit for over a year now
Rogers tale:
' I was offered a rolling chassis which consisted of a chrome moly frame using original castings, 18in Akront alloy rims, a 2in over springer and the tinware as painted. A 71 Shovel 1200 motor was added along with a new Revtech 4 speed box.......all the other odds and sods were worked out over the build. It's registered as a 1941FL. I've made a few subtle changes already and more in the works, it's a great bike to ride and I use it most days including to and from work.' 

Nice bike Rog, 
how's that front brake, is that the 1941 bit - haha
(guess the reg must must be down to the 1941 castings)  
- stickers on their way mate, cheers


Roger Chambers said...
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Roger Chambers said...

Thanks Trev....amazing what a clean of the headstock revealed, quite clear numbers! The front brake is also amazing.....not!!