Friday, 27 May 2011

a litany of 'kin problems...

1. Solved this one, front wheel spacer goes behind the oil seal, read the manual next time tosser.  The wheel still sits to one side tho, and doesn't seem to spin that freely.
2. Solved this one, upper fork stem bearing very tight, so sanded down top of stem and the bearing slips on. Not like last night struggling to assemble the top end and holding forks at same time and then knocking them out with rubber hammer and bang they hit the floor just missing the frame and my foot.
3. Rear wheel won't go in with all that powdercoat, haha so I have to get George to machine a mil off one of the axle spacers.
4. Gearbox drive sprocket nut, can't tighten without drive chain on and a big spanner - ordered 48mm adjustable.
5. The gearbox, engine and inner primary will not line up unless all bolts are lose. Almost 3-4mm out at gearbox rear two bolts so box sits off the mounting plate. Can't figure this.
6. I put the engine drive nut on (by hand) so I could turn the engine over, now the fucker won't come off. A friend is coming round with an air powered impact driver, hopefully tomorrow, then I can put the bloody alternator rotor on.
7. And finally I can't put the support bearing (thats sitting in the freezer) in the inner primary till everythings sorted as it seems bloody tight on the shaft and probably won't fucking come off again! And I can't torque down the heads, cylinders, engine mounts etc either. Fuck.

Oh and I put my mobile phone in the washing machine this morning - grrrrrrrr!

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