Sunday 8 November 2015

Magneto Time again

Checked the compression, a little low! 
Checking all options for Magneto Starting
 Checked the earth ground and tried bi-passing the switch
The new carb did not seem to improve starting
just meant I had more issues to deal with getting it dialled in.
Found that the voes outlet needed blocking off and had richen the mixture a lot
Managed to ride 200 miles this week with the Mag fitted
It seems its now down to technique and timing!
Well thats the cold start routine sorted
Goes like a raped Ape!


Bastard said...

Well, for what it's worth... I ran a Shovelhead for 18 years and put
140,000 on it.. Hard starting finally came down to the stock valve
guides... They would cause the intake valve stems to gall in as
little as 1,000 miles.. This caused the valve to not seat well at
kick starting speeds.. The engine compression was fine when testing
using the electric starter, and that fooled me for quite a while.
using bronze intake valve guides was not recommended at the time
for street engines. But, that's exactly what cured the erratic kick
starting (sometimes 2 kicks, sometimes 50). Also, I was using point
triggered Dyna Transister block.. After I dual plugged the heads, the
engine would start, hot or cold in 1 or 2 kicks..EVERY TIME! Dual plugging cut the number of kicks in half... I read your blog every dang day... You are persistent in your efforts to keep your bike on the road...Good on YOU!

Blind Melon,
Lucky Bastards MC

arcadian said...

Thanks my friend, glad someone is still out there reading the ups and downs of shovel love. I had to replace the exhaust valve guides (with bronze) after 1500 mile 'rebuilt' engine. So I assumed the valves are Ok as i noticed i had a scored rear barrel at the time (assumed that was my fault for not cleaning out the new oil tank). So I have not tested for valves just assumed it was the rings as i have a lot of oil blow by. Anyways its coming apart this winter. I love the mag - it really performs great - when she starts. Trevor