Sunday, 29 November 2015

Mag Power!.. at last she starts when I want and goes like a raped ape too haha...

 Magneto power...
I didn't stop the bike this time - she did not like to start hot, 
but with fresh plugs, one kick
So a little help from Mr Morris
Single Fire!
And Does the Biz - it really is an improvement
one big spark at one plug
on test  
 at Sizewell Beach
 Project Box Continued - what could possibly go wrong
 a slightly smaller parts pile 
 little rollers in my project box
 Installed (after someone remembered they had forgotten the clutch gear)
Its a little chilly now (fucking cold) and roads covered in shit around here
Just when we seem to have sorted the demon Mag!


Bastard said...

Beautiful to see that monster start up...

arcadian said...

My leg likes it too...