Sunday, 23 March 2014

in which major clanger does some essential work...

Check that Tig bottle! the new one half full and I ended up with a free bottle!
 After a bit of practise! welded a new biltwell seat bracket, not pretty, had to get the grinder out
 the chain still cuts up the mudguard so enlarged the cutouts - again!
 bottom head race worn after only 7000 miles!
 so new races in the freezer, maybe it was a little loose
 patchwork rattle can work on frame for this year
 sissybar broken tab
the new oil tank rubber mount 
had to have the obligatory speed holes
and a new front exhaust tab welded


TC said...

Nice work that man! Nothing like a bit of fab work to soothe the soul!

arcadian said...

cheers Tom , see you soon

grant said...

Looking good Trevor. Nice to see someone else learning to weld as well. I am still the 'sauce bottle king' but it is improving ....ever so slowly....must be coming up to riding weather for you boys. Enjoy.

arcadian said...

the pisser is it costs so much to practise, send me an email grant - did you get the stickers?