Wednesday, 25 July 2012

as any chap knows, a head job can work wonders

Well, I am still recovering from the shock and my knee is loving it

Thought I would try starting the bitch without any prime kicks from cold.
Two kicks and she fired up. Went for a ride. Picked up keys for a job, started first kick. Went to local bike shop who has a bunch of old shovel bits, started first kick. Rode over to Windsor to visit my friend Paul, started first kick. 

I tried the different cold start routine because although she would start ok hot since the head job, cold starts seemed to still end up with me having to kick through with throttle open, ignition off and then one kick on with the throttle cracked open to get her to fire up - after the prime kick routine and a few kicks on - which is no fun.

By the way I set the timing slightly advanced at 37˚/38˚ before the head job.

so is this it... the start of the summer...


roland said...

glad she run ,and start well, see you soon

WhitelinePsycho said...

Good job mate, especially now you Poms are actually getting some sun by the looks of it, enjoy.

grant said...

Ready for the Olympics eh? Cheers Trev.