Sunday, 27 May 2012

sun is shining

after party tidy up
she's covered in oil after the oil tank drain plug came out, fortunately the engine didn't seize as I'd shut down coming up to a roundabout, Sean found the bolt at the start of the oil slick, Jason was carrying a gallon of morris 20-50 oil and Sumo suggested we use the fresh cut grass on the verge to wipe the oil down
the gearbox is out again to fix those leaking studs and fit a new main shaft drive seal
Oversize Bush
and fix the selector that has quite a wobble after 30 years

Oil tank Drain Bolt
and drill the bolt so it can be wired, so no more accidents

 it has a dual function and supports a third bracket - not a good idea.
(the tank was already painted by this time)
the bracket stops the tank swinging on its two upper mounting bungs where they can fracture.
a little polish and back she goes
battery tray and rear caliper next - that oil got every where
oh, and the front rocker box has decided to leak big time.

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