Thursday, 10 May 2012

let me take you back... way back...

It's 1977...
Led Zeppelin bestrode the world...
and I bought my spanking new sporty on christmas eve.
...from Jake at Motique of Chertsey
...he got the drag bike from Rod Pallent
in South Ruislip - who sold me spares for my SX250
'A supercharged 1200 harley with a wade blower sucking through a 2"SU off an E-type Jag'
A Pan/Shovel? - Where is it now?  

and in December of that year 
the mag featured a special on Harleys
 'Imported by newly appointed agents Coburn and Hughes'

Thanks to my mate pete who recently found the mag in his loft.
I remember buying the same mag - 
who could forget that glorious front cover crutch shot!

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