Sunday, 12 February 2012

the mark of the beast...

Finally made a carb support
Putting her back together I decided this will be, or is a problem and found the old carb support that came with the 'flowmaster' back in 1988.  A little work on the fitting and with essential speedholes - job done.
Finally discovered a wiring fault this morning
Third time its happened, usually when I strapped a tool roll on the front.
So remembering this I switched on the lights and puffhhh.
It seems the speedo bulb earth wire shorted touching the live feed.

The Bitch Diary
10th Feb
Have measured valve depth 1.666 (tolerance is 1.600 to 1.645) so it is 26 thou out
and requires new valve seat. This would reduce valve ht.
Decided to take off more metal in rocker cover instead. Ground in valve as well.

11th Feb
Very cold -takes 7 kicks, starts with no falter on tickover, (used to have to build) sounds better and didnt seem to misfire on constant throttle but not warmed up. Take to the road for a test run, fired up twice, 1st on a compression mis- kick, then would not fire twenty odd kicks, plugs dry, mega wet sumping.

I didn't check to see if the plugs were firing. Could the short have caused the non start,  it doesn't seem possible as the lights have there own breaker.

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