Wednesday 29 February 2012

bros of the road...

We went for a ride on sunday to a popular scenic spot near me called Newland's Corner
On the way I pulled in to try and stop the front lifter block leak. 
Then she would not start.

So I must have been there twenty minutes. And not one bike stopped.  Mainly rice burners and a couple of enthusiast types on their way to Newland's Corner. An allen key would have come in handy.
We eventually carried on and shortly arrived there, with the eyes of the biker community upon me and 'her loudness' - I thought, fuck this we are not stopping here so all these 'fellow bikers' can snigger if (or more probably when) she refuses to start again in the hot sun.
So I adjusted her tickover, turned her round and we blasted the fuck out of there.
Sometimes its nice being loud.

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