Tuesday, 27 December 2011

diary of a bitch

Started and ran for 6/7 secs with andrews flowmaster carb fitted and died
Try to re-start and big bang and flames through carb
Pushrod adjustment wrong, check ignition timing
No start and carb floods or pump is not working

Buy Super E
Will not start, get software to alter ultima ignition to 0 dead revs so I can kickstart
Dyna Factory setting is 3 (unit made by dyna)
(however as you cannot see what was installed originally, it could have been set to 0)

Cannot get to start.
Adjust pushrods (too tight) 
Try with no choke and no pump of throttle
Starts fist time
Starts second time one kick
Will not start hot
Black soot plugs, black pipes
Float bowl air passage blocked by airfilter and back plate, drill hole.

Reduce jets to .70 definitly better the plug tips only black
Then reduce intermediate to .28 as manual suggests (if mixture less than 1&1/4 turn)
Pump adjusted to 1 turn
Still running rich but plug tips only black, exhaust black
Fit smaller jets .26 intermediate and .68 main
Runs like a dog under acceleration
Change up to .28, better but will not pull under acceleration
Will not start easy cold (will not start with enrichener)
Will not start easy hot, fires but will not pick up and dies

Sat 17th
(Linden @ Grizzlys says to use .31 inter, turn off pump and to check coil output as spark may be breaking down when hot)
Installed .295 intermediate,
tried different start method 3 - 6 pumps no enrichener (as suggested)
took 3 then 3 pumps from cold to start
started hot one kick throttle closed
adjusted mixture (but screw is 1 turn out)
then would not start hot, repeatedly fired a few times but  would not pick up - (only got to fire as this after pumping throttle)
checked coil with tester its ok @ 12.85 v when running.

Wed 21st
Changed manifold clamps and rubbers (no difference)
Fitted .28 and .70 jets
Would not start cold till pump was turned up
started hot with tickover turned up , mixture 1 &1/4 turn out
started one kick in street, didnt pull well , no acceleration.
Would not start again, fired  but would not catch.

Thurs 22nd
Fit .29 jet, Try- kick through off kick on throttle closed - no fire - pump a few times and eventually fires. Adjust mixture (larger jet allows more leeway on tickover screw) 
stop her and start hot 5 kicks (turned up tickover)
In street tap kicker to compression and it does it all by itself and starts - weird.
Go up and down the road and then another 500 yards and about to turn round and it dies. kick 5 times and return, on the way dies and push back.
Check petrol pipe take off carb and plenty of flow out of pipe.
So electric prob when hot or valves sticking or cam timing? Lights were on.

Friday 23rd
Checked relays and connections, stop light not working unless lights on (some tosser connected up to light circuit)

Saturday 24th
Decide to run bike till warm to find fault
Took a while to start cold, will start hot if pump used.
Discovered the top rubber petrol pipe from petcock to inline filter kinks on bend when warm - shutting off petrol supply, which unkinked when I disconnected it from the carb to test supply. The 3/8th oil pipe was fitted because of the petcock outlet fitting is 3/8th. Replaced with 5/16th rubber pipe for 'fuel'.
Decided engine is not running rich, but needs the throttle pumped to start hot (or cold)


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