Sunday, 25 December 2011

and on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me...

What tosser fitted this 3/8th oil pipe to the petcock
She cut out on me on the road two days ago and I thought , haha this is why she won't start hot! So pull the fuel pipe at carb and plenty of gas! Hmmmm, so its electrics... yes I remember I had the lights on at the time. Check the wiring, the brake light dont work when lights off, ha this is it. But no I had wired it up to lights not the ignition. 
So yesterday when Pete came round and we are fucking trying starts and get her warmed up a few times. I notice this. When she gets hot the top fuel pipe bends and kinks in two and cuts off the fuel supply. A Voila!
I had used a piece of 3/8th oil pipe from the new petcock because it had this huge outlet fitting so this 'Made for fuel' 5/16th supply pipe was fitted.
 Pete gave me this tip - use silicon sealant (mine was for windows) on your zorst gasket - it worked too!
Peter has lived a round the corner from me for years and we have never met until he heard about my bike. Pete has a '79 1200 shov stroked to 1340 and has experienced shovel trouble too...
Christine fired up all by herself - whoa... spooky...
Having got her to fire up from cold, switched off and I pushed her into the street.
I was just tapping the kicker for compression and... she fired... and the kicker went down all on its own while I stood and looked in amazement... scary stuff...

and finally I really thought that this bitch of a carb was gonna go on the bay of fools in the new year
 cos I just could not tune it by the book using a variety of smaller jets and my leg is hurting.
We are now back to using .29 /.70 jets and I may have finally found a start routine for hot and cold that is not by the book. I now realise she is not running rich now it was all the start up probs. And she will not start with the enrichener. A good few pumps cold and a pump hot, the tickover turned up and she will catch and fire up. 

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grant said...

Hey Trevor. A late all the best for Christmas and an early 'have a great New Year'. Have enjoyed the blog (and stickers) during 2011 and looking forward to 2012. May she run strong and true in the new year.All the best mate...cheers