Sunday, 11 September 2011

essential fluids...

 Had to cut these off the tranny studs (sorry gearbox! chaps) 
of course the whole studs came out too! Hmmm.
Because one couldn't get any oil in the box because some pratt put the nuts back on over the now redundant longer studs for the starter bracket. 
Now put back shortened with nice stainless dome heads.
 Still no sign of oil out of pipe, after kicking the engine over for quite a while
but at least two leaks so it is going round somewhere
 a temporary solution for those damn lights
nice small mechanical speedo arrived saturday
and she's off the bike jack!
if it stops raining? I may wheel her outside


Rowan said...

time for her to to breath then

go on you know you want to.....

Gordo said...

Almost there...... ;-)