Sunday, 25 September 2011

Can I kick it ?...

Bruce Tessmer kicks his 84"stroker

bastard - haha
 seven days door to door - ordered on a Saturday, try that here. 
the carb, cleaned with airline meticulously and try to start, no gas - accelerator pump not working, clean again and it overflows, check float and seat, clean again and overflows... give up
...and I realise the cable bracket I bent to fit around the oil line means the cable rubs and will snap along the road - if it ever runs... looking at getting a something else
Super E?
american made, loads of parts and custom filters, infinitely adjustable
but the moolah box is very stretched

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grant said...

Hey Trevor. Love those Old Stf oil lines. Got a set in stainless for my FLH, but they proved a bugger to fit with a CV carby... and even with the old B series. But perseverance paid off... and the skeleton kicker has my vote... got one of those too... and I swear it was before I saw how good yours looked... keep up the good work...