Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday Lunch with Chopper Club

 NCC South Bucks & Berkshire Show at the Queens Head near Windsor
 Sickboyz ten day build
 too much is not enough for some
 waiting on a band
 Martin and his low budget woodgrain yam got best paint
 Clives 'fenland' framed sporty
 nash bars
 steves shovel...
 chopped the frame and added his homemade swingarm
 he got the look...
with Doug who built it
 and off he goes with no prize
Best in Show - Steve's tough shov
 Paul and his sporty... 
 got Best Chop


grant said...

looks like a bit o' fun.... bikes, beer and blues... can't be a bad thing (assuming there was beer and there was a blues band!)

arcadian said...

rockin good blues and guinness combo does it for me grant