Thursday, 30 June 2011

out... demons... out...

the black hole has been difficult to escape these past few weeks, while all around are having fun
the fitting leaks on the rear banana caliper, not enough shoulder around the threaded banjo bolt
 carb fitted, but throttle cable bracket required some fucking with to fit under the head and that pipe, how did it fit before?
 that fucking tab has got to be re-done, so... more fucking gas! 
internal throttle finally in
never again
 I know, take some metal off around the banjo fitting, to allow the washer a flat surface to seat properly
  but the casting is too steep, no shoulder - how come these things didn't leak originally, is it the type of fitting?
 and finally after all the work/dosh/rebuild done renovating this fucker, some loser didn't check that the piston is well and truly fucking seized and consequently it all adds up to a fucking waste of time and of course that new brake hose is cut to size and will not fit anything else.

back to black -loser 

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