Wednesday, 23 March 2011

not going to plan

Wanted to get the frame off for powdercoat this week
Decided to pull the top end as its looking tatty after 10 years storage, and makes it easier for me to get off the frame unless I lay it side ways.
Freaked when I saw this score mark, but when checked there's no perceptible depth to it, its been bored to .40 over from .20 over, 
was it that bad before the rebuild?
and these fresh looking dings in the front pot, its a bit like having your roof done, who's gonna see it
The powder coat had cracked in some parts and the head bolts had chewed it up as no washers were used. So I was going to fit some washers and maybe new powder coat.
But I can't shift the barrels, if I use anymore force the fins are going to break.
Fuck knows what they were stuck down with, now I know why the base nuts didn't seem too tight, they didn't have to be!
So what to do, its got to come out of the frame tomorrow.

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