Tuesday, 1 March 2011

in which a lotta pics tell a story...

 A bit of 32mm round bar scrounged from the blacksmith, and cut in half
 measured my handlebars and a plan drawn
 because my friend George offered to help me
 and he has this lovely lathe, a Myford ML7 Trileva
 Turned the round bar to one inch diameter as per my handlebars
a stepped sleeve was then cut each end to the internal diameter
 and the bar bored internally to lighten it
George had very successful business working with the 
aircraft industry on concorde etc - and he has got a very nice shed
 The bar weighed 740g and the newly crated slug a healthy 260g
 Had to grind the internal weld on the bars 
and voila a nice tight fit!  Simples Roland - haha, - not

Tomorrow - welding

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