Sunday, 27 February 2011

A parallel universe...

In London we currently have the 2nd international custom show.
Two bikes had a sissy bar, so no swedes then 
Some were high end builds of course
Hey, if not for the big harley shops like Shaw, Gale?, Warr and the aftermarket Zodiac crew, Roland Sands, Custom Chrome, 
the show wouldn't happen
 knuckle engined skull city 
close your eyes Rowan
So Cal Choppers and west coast bobbers are not a Brit thing and without the corporate and mainstream we'd probably just have a little BSH Stand at a show with a few chops in the corner so get real.
 Nice pan
low level lighting 
wow another shovel 
wonder who it belongs to 
nice detail mr griff 
masssage? oh go on let me... 
Dicks shop, gorgeous Original Sin trump 

Although Barons Speed Shop, and Krazy Horse, with a fuck off display shone like a beacon, the likes of garage built filtering through is probably always long term. When it does, she'll have taken her lane splitting bars and have moved on.
And maybe thats how it should be, I'd be pissed off  if Tesco started knocking out 'diggers' haha.


Rowan said...

i tried not to look... i just had to take a peek... argh my eyes!!! they are burning... its like finding out pamela anderson has a dick...

arcadian said...

hahahahah, how many skulls can you get on one bike!
but a a a a kn Knuck!
some stuff just didn't come out, I guess my camera censored it haha