Sunday, 20 February 2011

a flakey visit...

After a 'shitty' two hours on the motorway up to Bromsgrove (Birmingham), I found a rural business park and while trying to find Flakey's Shop ...
 came across this familiar looking establishment  of 
Benny made me welcome with a cup of tea, while I waited for Dave 
to show up and
he also introduced me to the chap who makes their digger frames. 
Fuck - how many bikes can you get in one shop Benny - Haha.
Back at the Flakey shop, nothing was too much trouble - he's also going to pressure test my tank as there'd been a bit of work done to it.
 I'd ground down a weld at the rear of the tank, the petcock had been moved and the hole blanked off, He thinks there may be a potential leaks there.
 I take my empty tea mug back to Benny and bump into his buddy... 
Bobby, the main man behind Vintique.
 We had a good chat, in this world seemingly full of public sector workers moaning about their benefits its a pleasure to meet some entrepreneurs. 
And how refreshing not to have to visit an american website to get your essential goodies, get them here and at a good price.

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