Wednesday, 22 December 2010

paradise shovel of the year?

I've chosen the shovels every week
from the blogosphere 

Some are of unknown origin and are not necessarily new builds, 
but are new to paradise. 
No mooneyes stuff this time as I could put a whole gallery of pics together for a 
'shitty moonys award' haha

So for a bit of holiday fun, vote a shovel for 
a shitty day in paradise 2010 
and if you fancy leave a comment why!

1 Nice Lady
2 Matts
3 CoC
4 Mr Schaaf
5 Freddie
6 Nicks
7 Rufino
8  Seths
9 Vice
10 Cro
11 turning japanese 
12 Joes
12 Toddy

Oi, you, no votes for your own bikes! haha


roland said...

pfffff,it's too hard, Toddy first , cro second but all is too good

Pete Stansfield said...

Schaaf 1, Matts 2, Japanese 3. Merry Christmas.

seb said...

turning japanese, i really think so.

all great, but i have a thing for swingers!

arcadian said...

hey you're not the only one seb!

Rowan said...

1. Schaaf's
2. Toddy's
3. turning nipponese

Rowan said...

sorry i meant schaafs build for joe, 2nd from last

Guy@GK said...

1. Nick
Equal second: Max & Toddy
Honourable mention: Seth & Turning Jap

Merry Christmas!

arcadian said...

The nip keeps getting a mention! haha
no one got a kind word for jeff wrights (coc) go faster swinger?

GingerBeardBiker said...

Turning Japanese. Low n fast all the way.