Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Its freezings here too...

 Another lesson, don't drill aesthetic holes in the guard until you know where the chain is going to rub and some metal has to be cut but of course, not where the holes are aesthetically.

It  occurred to me having followed Rowans build, that I really am w@%king around here.
I figured that the horn can bolt on behind the seat on the back of the guard mount.
The ignition underneath the seat, so I'll need a bracket for that, 3 circuit breakers and relays, the battery can earth to the rear engine mount. Holes for wiring through the frame could be drilled later (cant work it all out in advance)
So the frame could be powdercoated
Except the sissy bracket and mudguard bracket need welding back on!

...son très froid ici aussi mon ami, pas de neige ... encore


Pete Stansfield said...

Beaucoup de neige ici, good work and remember everyone makes cock ups they just dont all publish 'em thats all. Its going to be mint.

roland said...

good job Trev, not easy with this weather

arcadian said...

merci beaucoup chaps

Rowan said...

Tranquilo hombre... tu trabajo es bueno... poco a poco

a sporty is a hell of a lot easier than a shovel mate

dry build it completely mate, down to every nut n bolt... i was surprised at how many things i forgot to put on my list and things popped up everyday... you almost have to finish and start everything at the same time.... every little thing has a knock on effect to everything else

i was so lucky in my final build over something as stupid as an oil pipe... i nearly had to remove the oil tank to fit a pipe with 2mm to spare !!!!! like i said every little thing effects everthing else

stick with it.. its all your own !!!

Rowan said...

what relays mate?... your not gonna use a starter relay are you?

you can buy starter buttons that eliminate the relay .....

arcadian said...

thanks buddy, i'll be in touch