Sunday, 13 June 2010

New people

Forgot me camera again
Went over to (royal) Windsor today to meet Paul (who won best in show at the NCC Windsor show last Sunday. Had a good chat with him and heard more tales of the build on his Sportster based chop. Frame built by Fenland Choppers. Paul introduced me to his brother in law, Rob who had helped him and lived in the same road. We went and had a look at Robs tasty chopped baby blue Old School Ford with a chevy V8 355 cube lump.

We are going to meet up at the HA London bash at Cobham in a couple of weeks time. Great local event, Ren and I went last year on the Sunday. A lot of wasted people but where else are you going to get full on roots reggae 'LIE DOWN GIRL LET ME PUSH IT UP, PUSH IT UP' with a pint of Wadworths 6X, at 12.30am on a Sunday in the Sun. Hey see you there.

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