Saturday, 12 June 2010

Confidence of youth

Pinned above my drawing board in the studio
I did go too. Wanted to stay but no green card. A silly conviction and the fact that I wanted a proper job in a studio, not bar work.
I drove the getaway car. We'd been to a party and the next morning went for fags with my mate john and parked right outside this shop. He fancied this 'Club International' Mag, we went back to the car and he said 'shall I nick it?'. OK. He ran back in the shop, grabbed it and we drove off at pissing ourselves. Then we got nicked an hour later. Thats the short version. We nearly didnt get to court in northampton, J
ohn came up from Dorset,
we got pissed again, got locked out of the flat, stayed elsewhere and got in
bloody early,
changed into suits and drove up from london. Yes your Honour, Guilty your Honour, three bags full your Honour.

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