Sunday, 12 July 2015

There and back again - Low Level Heaven

 7am piss off the neighbours - one kick !
 150 miles secondstop
100m to go and meet some other party people 
Check In @ LLH with West and Leighton
My estimated travel plans if all went well - and i missed the rain!
James' and Lukes' bikes from Kingston Middx.  
a lot of people arrived very wet 
tall story time 
drying out in the local 
tim at the Bar 
My room with a view 
Second kick start and on the way home 

A very wet weekend, I put a plastic bag over my air cleaner, others didn't and had a bit of a time starting when some went on Sat. The Bitch purred along there we went the scenic route 350 miles in 8 hours and thrashed it back on the sunday via motorway short route all the way in 7 and we stayed Dry!



TC said...

great times. Great to see you banging some serious miles on the ol' lady!

arcadian said...

I think it may have been our turn on the luck barometer Tom, no probe and missed the rain