Sunday, 29 September 2013

3pm on a sunday, and its time to leave...

me at the trip out by blue
Oh dear, a little red in the face from too much sun... or is it beer...
now how the fuck do I get out of here...
funny thats exactly what I had planned to do 
my new loud horn 
cannot be mounted as the other one, 
precisely because it makes them inoperative
and this time I managed to not get lost
 a little round trip of ninety miles over to SO LOW Choppers on Saturday
following a similar trip to Krazy Horse the previous weekend.

Clive who with his son Jay run the show made me very welcome
and we had a good long chat over a couple of coffees.
Evidently they went to the BSH EXtreme Show at Donnington
and Scott's Shovel won Best Traditional Chopper

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