Thursday, 17 January 2013

aladdins cave found in fishing port... well it was... back in the day...

A seventy mile round trip on a cold but crisp Saturday up the coast
to Tod Monks emporium in Lowestoft, Britains most easterly town
featured a couple of Iron Heads, and his
84' early evo engined chop with shovel gearbox
The shop was an old electricity sub station and features this walk in safe! 
Most of the floors were covered in original intrically patterned victorian tiles...
Tod's T140 chop, a veteran of cross europe jaunts, waiting its turn.
A veritable aladdins cave, room after room of parts and workshops...
Tod tells me he's managed to clear some of the bikes and engines and parts he has collected in the last sixteen years... - haha
no shovel stuff though...
Coffee and a chat with led to a bit of a tour, he mentioned that Chris Ireland of 'Desperate Dan' fame comes in from time to time and also bikes of harley chaps from the 'smoke' who've found their wonga goes a bit further up here.

and (fan fare) - the bitch started first kick!

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