Thursday, 15 November 2012

you want to learn some riding skills...

the day I met the rivet counters uncle (the one on the right)

I passed him on his classic velocette about a minute away from Newlands Corner.
He steams up to me as I am parking up, with little room to turn as he parked so close
'You want to learn some riding skills'
Hows that?
'You want to learn some riding skills, my bike won the 1929 Manx Grand prix'
Yeah, I can't get round those damp corners with these fifteen year old tyres
'You want my advice, sell that and get a moped!'
er yeah, it does need new tyres...

and he flounced off to get his tea


shrew said...


steve gayton said...

Fuck 'em, building stock bikes is like meccano anyone can do it. There's no manual for creating what you have created. Ride Free and Fuck 'em

WhitelinePsycho said...

No wonder I surrendered my membership to the local hysteric club nearly twenty years ago, anal retentive, purist only wankers in so many fucking sad cases, what a prat, age doesn't always command respect.