Sunday 21 October 2012

In pursuit of performance in paradise

K&N airfilter E-3120
the only one that fits a mooneyes aircleaner

  • 1 x K&N E-3120 GENERIC EBAY AD - E-3120 K Custom Air Filter NEW GENUINE K PART!
I sent your order to the K&N distribution  centre to be dispatched to you today. Unfortunately, I have just been  informed that the part number you ordered is not available at K&N UK at  the moment. It is on back order at K&N USA with no exact delivery date  at this time.

So I went on and found four of these for sale and ordered one.
Still has to be drilled for the bowl vent and also cut outs for the aircleaner backing plate bolts which rather fucks it up a bit and makes you wonder why one is being such a dick and should have bought an S&S aircleaner in the first place which would allow the engine to breath and probably fucking start!

Does it work any better?
Mixture screw another eighth of a turn out (from 1&1/2)
Plugs are spot on colour wise
 and she acclerates really smooth and hard. 

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