Saturday, 22 September 2012

smooth as fuck, a little like putting oil on a rusty hinge...

 funny, no warning signs earlier
whats that sign say...
dick fucks co... haahaha
closed to some, but not the bitch

Installed the XXX Carb Booster Kit and went for a 50 mile ride
wow what a difference,  
a little like putting oil on a rusty hinge, ran smooth as fuck

Going round in circles
When I got back from the Trip Out, I decided to change the jets. 
I did this because after 50 motorway miles we stopped for gas on the way, it was really hot too and she would not  start, almost as though the fuel vapourised, same on return journey. The plugs looked really lean.

I put in a 70 main and a 28 int. with no air cleaner element - mixture screw was one turn out.
It really broke up at 70, the plugs were really carboned up too, so went down to the 68, but still rich and same problem at 70 with the 28 and no filter element.
Almost forgot, because drag pipes can cause a rich condition I removed the second set of baffles (the originals) I'd put on (cos of noise and the sound, one cheese-grator cut in half) which left just the Kromeworks HPplus baffles that may now work.
And it sounded ok, just deeper!

Correct jetting for the bitch
 So I finally established that the correct jets for my bike are 68 main and 26.5 intermediate now - and with a filter it doesn't break up at 70. Mixture screw is now1.5 turns out (Nirvana). I found if you turn off the pump you get a more accurate setting. I stopped during the ride to set the mixture and noticed that when adjusting the pump from out from 'off' that the tickover would increase???
The pump is now set at 1&3/4 turns for the time being.
Going to replace the restrictive filter element with a K&N next.
and try to find a routine for cold starts!
A never ending story...

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