Tuesday, 17 January 2012

they seek him here...

they seek him there
Well, as you can see the cam lines up with the pinion drive gear timing mark and the breather gear lines up too.
Its an Andrews J Grind cam, that I really did not want to take out and cause more unnecessary work.
Why? To check if the cam gear had been aligned properly with the shaft when assembled.
Kevin at Blackdog said this could be the problem when I mentioned that the ignition plate is set extremely to the left and showed me a Screaming Eagle (?) cam that required assembly by pressing the gear onto the shaft, to be aligned carefully using the scribed marks.
Anyhow I have now discovered that Andrews Cams are supplied complete so it must be down to timing dynamically with a timing strobe light.
Although how you do that at 2000rpm without a tach is something to discover next... 

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