Sunday, 3 April 2011

its spring time for beakys and surrey...

 that man and his bike are there before me as usual
 johno's gen shovel or is it shovel/pan
 this seasons accessories in sky blue
 lots a bits, not so many punters 
 not so many punters, lots a bits
 tidy chop
 woodgrain effect 650
 nice to see alternative evo power
 Mr Joe Bloggs and his bike
 a 500 Vinnie
 big twuck
big chrome grill
 the knuck
 and well ridden too

bumped into LeeDog and Stevie from Wales
 Rowan arrived from Dorset, and later I met Toddy and Chubb from Grimbsy,
great to meet you all - I can put a face to the avatars!

 Two more non evos
 interesting S&S Shovel project
 a lorra lorra stuff 
 this man bought my mates springers and promptly put them for 
sale on his stall !
 four wheeled chop
My purchase, the supercycle mag that I remember buying new in the early eighties.

We had a good morning, Paul sold his springers and stuff and I even sold some rear progressive suspension units that I bought in Fred Warrs Jumble in '96 thinking were for a shovel.
And - more importantly met some nice people. 


Rowan said...

good to see you mate...

oh and no springs in the seat... springs are for pussy's... go hardarse ;)

arcadian said...

well as you know Ive now got the padding... haha

toddy said...

Good to meet you too.